Dig-lit definition updated (already!)

By Anne Collier

Connecticut-based youth officer Det. Frank Dannahey, valuable member of ConnectSafely.org’s advisory board, sent me some excellent feedback on that last post, along the lines of: what about some reference to “digital”?! Minor oversight 😉 . So added two more lines to the definition:

Critical thinking and ethical choices
the content and impact
oneself, others, and one’s community
what one sees, says, and produces
digital media, devices, and technologies.

You could also end with “in online environments,” as Detective Dannahey suggested. The only reason why I changed that is because I hesitate to draw a solid line between online and offline, perpetuating that simplistic binary way we adults think. Young people make little distinction between online and offline – they just socialize, produce, participate – and citizenship and media literacy are protective and empowering in any environment. Anyway, thank you, Frank! So let’s go with this one (or send more edits!). Collaboration is good.

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