David Letterman’s view of Twitter

Whew, glad that’s finally settled! Dave has declared Twitter “a waste of time.” 😉 Had to tell you. Watch him tell Kevin Spacey in a video clip at Mashable.com. Just plain summer fun. [For readers outside North America, Dave Letterman is a very funny late-night talk show host on CBS TV.] Spacey offers to tweet something to his 800,000 followers for Dave and pulls out his phone. Dave asks how much it costs. Spacey rolls his eyeballs. But Dave then has a hard time getting past the fact that Spacey has to “type” the tweet with his thumbs. Looks like Dave has never texted either. Glad he has an assistant or two! Seriously, I respect Dave’s take on Twitter. Whether or not you use it as well as how you use it is highly individual (which is one of the things I like about it). [For a look at how some others think of Twitter, including educators, see “A (digital) return to village life?”]

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