ConnectSafely at Internet Governance Forum

ConnectSafely at Internet  Governance Forum

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA (September 14, 2010) ConnectySafely co-directors Anne Collier and Larry Magid are participating in and speaking at the Internet Governance Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania, September 14 through 17, 2010.

Collier is co-moderating a panel on digital citizenship. Magid is speaking on a panel on the youth safety implications of location-based services via GPS-enabled mobile phones.

The Internet Governance Forum is a United Nations-sponsored gathering where delegates from governments, non-profits (NGOs), academic institutions, and businesses worldwide discuss a broad range of policy issues, including online safety and privacy, the rights of children, equality issues and other topics pertaining to the way the Internet is affecting every country “to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet.”

Approximately 1,500 people are in attendance at the event in Lithuania’s capital.

More information about the Internet Governance Forum can be found at

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