*Collaborative* reputation protection

“The ‘Protecting Reputations Online’ video should be mandatory viewing for students,” wrote/tweeted Bernajean Porter, an educator I admire, in Twitter this week. So I watched it (it’s just under 3 minutes) – and was reminded of how collaborative reputation protection is these days. Because “digital” means social, young people are not acting all by themselves in a vacuum – they’re sharing text, photos, and videos and, through them, talking about themselves and each other. That’s the most important point in the video, I think: that there’s a mutual dependency on and responsibility for each other’s good name and reputation in social media. We truly are in this together – not just peers, but parents, educators, all of us. Nobody’s operating in a vacuum in today’s media. Tell your kids: “Your friends affect your reputation – you need their help in maintaining it and vice versa.” Here are reputation-management tips and just-released research from Microsoft, and youth-specific resources from the American School Counselor Association and iKeepSafe.org.

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