Check out the SantaCam!

Would anyone who celebrates Christmas like to track Santa tonight? They can follow – sorry, track – his movement in Twitter! He's in Southeast Asia right now and wondered if his reindeer and sleigh could make it through the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur (Rudolph's quite a hotdog, apparently). I learned about Santa's tweets in "Christmas 2.0" at the Toronto Globe and Mail. NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been tracking Santa on Christmas Eves since 1955 (great story on how that began in the Globe & Mail piece), but now with Google's help, there's a map and SantaCam video of his flight path here. Here's the SantaCam. What I love is that "kids can follow along in seven languages through the website or on a smart phone by using Google Maps." BTW, I just checked, and since I mentioned KL, Malaysia, he's moved on to Dhaka, Bangladesh (he definitely seems to twitter between rooftops). Oh, and here's TechCrunch on how to Twitter a last-minute gift to charity. Happy whatever Holidays to every last one of you!

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