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Category: Wellness & Safety

Ask Trish: Social Media and Mental Health

Dear Trish: Maybe it’s just me but I just feel really bad about myself when I’m on social media. Like literally everyone seems to be living their best life and it reminds me how much is wrong with mine. How can I feel better?

Facebook Not Alone in Embrace of ‘Metaverse’

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Facebook has renamed itself Meta. Some people thought that was in response to the company’s recent troubles, but a company the size of Facebook doesn’t go through a major rebranding in a matter of weeks. It’s clearly been on the drawing board for months, if not longer.

Avoiding ‘Zoom Fatigue’

Over the past couple of years there has been an increased focus on screen time. Much of this has to do with the pandemic that has forced both adults and children into video meetings and learning during times when it was considered unsafe to gather in person.


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