Safety Tips

Social Web Tips for Parents

June 11, 2017

Be reasonable and try to set reasonable expectations. Pulling the plug on your child’s favorite social site is like pulling the plug on his or her social life. Instead of

Tips for Safe GPS Location-Sharing

April 7, 2017

Most “smart phones” and even some regular cellphones allow you to run location-sharing software that uses the phone’s GPS capability to let friends and family

Tips for Getting Cached Content Removed

January 14, 2017

We recently helped a 17-year-old get a topless photo and fake profile removed from a social networking site. But even though content was deleted from the service, the picture

Online Safety FAQ

December 15, 2011

Updated August, 2014 Is my child at risk from online predators? Although it can happen, the risk of a child or teen being harmed by someone they met on the Internet is very

Tips for Smart Videogaming

June 18, 2010

More than just fun ‘n’ games. They can be a social experience – in a single room or over the Internet. For some families, they can be a way to get together.
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