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Be safe when shopping online

November 22, 2018

by Larry Magid (this post has been updated for 2018 from previous posts) With the holiday season underway, a lot of people will be shopping online this year. For the most

Teen’s ‘street literacy’ thwarts phone thief

November 4, 2018

My sons are just as smart. On both occasions they deliberately made mistakes entering their passwords and on the first occasion stalled the attackers long enough so as to raise suspicion.  When a passing neighbor shouted out across the street, “Everything all right lads?” the thieves fled. 

Media Literacy for educators and families with young children

November 1, 2018

Podcast | K-12 Education Director Kerry Gallagher talk about products aimed at families of young children, including the Relay screenless communication device that Kerry and her two young children are using like a walkie-talkie to stay in touch.

Facebook’s new tech to counter child sex abuse images

October 24, 2018

Podcast | ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid speaks with Michelle DeLaune, senior VP and COO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) about the center’s work and new technology being used at Facebook to very quickly identify and remove child pornography.

Why tech companies are offering services for younger children

October 22, 2018

We’ve all heard the stories about kids spending too much time with their devices or, worse, spending that time doing things online that they probably shouldn’t be doing. It’s been an issue since I started writing about kids and tech in the early 90s but with the proliferation of phones and tablets — sometimes now getting into the tiny hands of toddlers — the issue has the attention of the media, policy makers and the public.

Amazon’s FreeTime and other products for children

October 18, 2018

Podcast | Amazon has made a big push when it comes to products for kids. To find out more about the products and services and how Amazon handles safety and privacy, CEO and CBS News Tech Analyst Larry Magid spoke with Amazon's Kurt Beidler.
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