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Parent’s Guide to TikTok

October 29, 2019

What parents should know about TikTok, the wildly popular app that merges some of teenagers’ favorite things—social media and music—together on a platform where they can have fun creating content and interacting with friends.

Parent’s Guide to Roblox

October 14, 2019

Roblox is an online entertainment platform for play that allows people to create games for the public using Roblox’s digital tool known as Roblox Studio. There are literally millions of games on Roblox. Though parents can turn off its social features, Roblox may be your child’s first experience with digital socializing, which gives you a hands-on opportunity to help your child develop good digital habits that will last a lifetime.

The Parent’s Guide to Instagram

October 14, 2019

Download  Full Guide (PDF) Quick-Guide (PDF) Instagram is a social media app used by more than one billion people around the world to share photos, videos and messages.

The Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying

October 13, 2019

  Download Full Guide (PDF) Quick-Guide (PDF) Bullying is a serious, long-standing social problem that now occurs in digital spaces as well as physical ones. But,

The Parent’s Guide to Educational Technology

September 21, 2018

By Kerry Gallagher, J.D., and Larry Magid, Ed.D. Download Full Guide (PDF) We all know children use devices like smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops at school and

The Parent’s Guide to Family Link

October 21, 2017

If you’re a parent, chances are that you have a smartphone and maybe a tablet, and it’s equally likely that your child would like one as well. You may be hesitating,
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