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Kate’s Very Public Party

August 9, 2008

An episode of The Webs where Kate learns that party photos can wind up online and be seen by – of all people – her own parents.

Kate’s Reputation Problem

August 9, 2008

An episode of The Webs where Kate doesn't get a job she wanted because of a video her would-be employer saw on the web.

The Babysitter

March 18, 2008

Amanda gets off to a good start as the new babysitter, arriving early and impressing the mom. But then the mom and kids see some of Amanda's online videos. Not exactly

The Webs: Kate goes steady

March 17, 2008

A fun retro look at "the Webs" featuring 16-year-old Kate and her not-too-with it but lovable parents. In this episode, Kate announces that she met a guy online and

Printable Tips

December 12, 2007

PDF files you can download and print* Tips to prevent sexting Tips to help stop cyberbullying Social Web safety tips for teens Videogaming Tips Kids’ Virtual World

Location-based services

December 12, 2007

A PowerPoint presentation given by co-director Larry Magid at the Internet Education Foundation’s first conference on cellphone-based social mapping,
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