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Safer Internet Day 2019 reaches out to under served communities

January 31, 2019

This coming Tuesday ConnectSafely.org, will host the official U.S. Safer Internet Day event at Google’s Seattle headquarters plus an evening event for families at a Seattle Housing Authority facility. We’re having it at the housing facility, with interpreters for six different languages, in part because it’s about time for the internet safety movement to reach out to communities often not served by our messaging.

Be safe when shopping online

November 22, 2018

by Larry Magid (this post has been updated for 2018 from previous posts) With the holiday season underway, a lot of people will be shopping online this year. For the most

Teen’s ‘street literacy’ thwarts phone thief

November 4, 2018

My sons are just as smart. On both occasions they deliberately made mistakes entering their passwords and on the first occasion stalled the attackers long enough so as to raise suspicion.  When a passing neighbor shouted out across the street, “Everything all right lads?” the thieves fled. 
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