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Calif video game violence law

September 7, 2007

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has appealed a federal court's injunction against a law banning violent videogame sales to minors, the Associated Press reports.

Laws & child exploitation

September 7, 2007

The Vancouver Sun cites some outdated research from the US and confuses chatrooms with social-networking sites, but this about Canadian law and online child exploitation is

Hacking ethics

September 7, 2007

A Sydney Morning Herald commentator looks at the ethical questions around 17-year-old George Hotz's iPhone hack. There's no question it's a great story: "In

Videogamers & the ‘game of life’

September 6, 2007

By Anne Collier Parents of gamers (and gamer parents) might be interested in a thoughtful piece in the Ottawa Citizen by education technology Prof. Constance Steinkuehler at

Not ‘the new Dr. Spock’

September 5, 2007

By Anne Collier The headline of a recent CNET interview with MIT professor Henry Jenkins suggests he might be, but – though he isn’t a pediatrician or child

‘Digital hangouts’

September 3, 2007

By Anne Collier Most adults know that a lot happens when teens are “hanging out,” and all that personal and social development’s happening in online

Teen jailed for posting nude photo

August 30, 2007

A 19-year-old was sentenced to 30 days in jail for posting a nude photo of his ex-girlfriend on MySpace, the Associated Press reports. "Anthony D. Rich pleaded no

Net ‘father’ Cerf on Web 2.0

August 29, 2007

“The Internet should not be used as a scapegoat for society’s ills,” Vint Cerf told the BBC. Cerf, who is considered one of the “fathers” of the

Teen’s hack unlocks iPhone

August 27, 2007

It took him 500 hours, but 17-year-old George Hotz figured out how to unlock his iPhone from the AT&T networking and use it on T-Mobile. "He posted his 10-step hack

For aspiring game producers

August 27, 2007

If a gamer at your house has ambitions to work in the videogame industry, the Detroit Free Press talked to one who's in it. Jeremy Lee, 27, at The Collective in Newport
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