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The bystander factor

October 4, 2007

When people hear about cyberbullying, they usually think of either the bully or the victim. But as we think together about how to deal with this problem (victimizing about a

What does cyberbullying look like?

October 4, 2007

Please take a look. We hear the word, and sometimes a definition – the online version of the nasty, mostly pre-adolescent behavior that's been making kids miserable

NJ AG’s ‘Report Abuse’ button

October 3, 2007

New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram wants all social-networking sites to have the "Report Abuse" button at the bottom of every page, reports. Her plan,

Kwame’s mobile social networking

October 3, 2007

Former Yahoo engineer-designer Kwame Ferreira compares the current mobilizing of social networking to when cavepeople discovered that the fires over which they'd do their

Mobile books hot in Japan

October 1, 2007

How novel! (Sorry for the pun.) "They say kids these days don't read. In Japan, however, teens are back into reading novels big-time with one major difference:

Zooming in on ClubPenguin

September 27, 2007

Grownup Michael Agger's experience as a penguin was quite different from the impressions left by Emily's "focus group" of 11-year-olds (he might've been

‘What kids like to do online’

September 27, 2007

Fun article at by mom and author Emily Yoffe, who polled her 11-year-old's peer group about the question implied in the headline. Among other things, the

Social networkers’ virtual dossiers

September 27, 2007

Bet you didn't know that there's probably a "dossier" on any social networkers you know out there on the Web. The Detroit Free Press talked to the CEO of a

Online socializing in Lithuania & Russia

September 26, 2007

This isn't just another business story. Since I'm writing this in St. Petersburg, it's fun to see a news story about social networking in both Lithuania and

‘The Naked Generation’?

September 26, 2007

"We are the Naked Generation," writes Caroline McCarthy of herself and her peers born in "1980-something." She blogs at CNET that – unlike Paris
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