Britain’s ‘child protection database’

This is what some in the UK call "child protection"? The BBC reports that "a child protection database" containing "the name, address, parents' contact details, date of birth, school, and doctor of every child in England" is being established "to improve information-sharing between professionals working with children." It will be accessible to 390,000 people described in the article as "local authorities, police, health services, and children's charities." Parents will not be allowed to remove their children's information from the database, the BBC adds. Children's Minister Baroness Morgan said "there will be provision for 'shielding' the details of young people facing risk if they were identified," the BBC reports. It says Conservatives attacked the £224m ($315.5 million) database as "another expensive data disaster waiting to happen," leading one to wonder if anyone remembers that UK database security breach in 2007 that jeopardized the personal information of "virtually every child in Britain" (see my item on this). [Thanks to QuickLinks for pointing this news out.]

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