Basic iPod mutating away

<p>Apple anticipated what would replace the iPod practically when it came out with the first model, if we’re to believe Arik Hesseldahi at <a href=””></a>. And I do. I remember Steve Jobs talking about the iPhone as a great music player at a conference of tech execs a few years ago. “Anticipation of the [iPod’s] drop-off is ‘one of the original reasons’ Apple developed the iPhone and the WiFi-enabled iPod touch, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said on a July 21 conference call with analysts,” Hesseldahi writes. The iPod needed to become a full-blown connected platform, and it is already – a platform for apps, games, video, and Web info-gathering as much as for music-playing. Also needed now, Hesseldahi says (predictions, probably) are: a mic (for talking via Skype and making recordings without the pesky headset) and a still and video cam. What all this says and what Apple apparently got long ago is that the future is sharing (and producing) as much as consuming media. </p>

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