Articles by Anne Collier

Self-produced child porn: Good discussion

February 12, 2008

It's good to get the thinking of three legal scholars on this growing problem (I first picked up on it way back in 2004). They spoke at a University of Virginia Law

Library bans social sites for PC security

February 12, 2008

The Lexington County Public Library is banning social-networking sites, but not for the reasons most people would probably come up with. "The primary reason for the

New game ratings for UK

February 11, 2008

Britain is working on a new game-ratings system to replace its old, unworkable one, The Guardian reports. "A legally enforceable cinema-style classification system is to

Social networking in the classroom?!

February 8, 2008

There was a debate going on recently over at The Economist, and the pro-social-networking side won. For parents or anyone interested in social networking's benefits and

Teens posting personal info: Study

February 7, 2008

For their safety online, kids have been cautioned for years not to give out personal information online. Well, we now know from researchers at the University of New

MySpace opens to widgetmakers

February 6, 2008

Like Facebook, MySpace has opened its doors to people who create parasitical little software applications for profiles on its site. It's offering developers tools to

Social sites safer than chat, IM: Study

February 6, 2008

Parents, don't just talk with your kids about social networking – chat sites and instant messaging really need to be in the conversation too. Despite the news

PC Magazine on parental controls

February 5, 2008

Parents might be interested in the latest reviews of filtering and monitoring software here at PC Magazine. The top-rated products are Net Nanny 5.6, Bsafe Online, Safe Eyes,

18-year-old registered sex offender

February 4, 2008

He was 17 when he downloaded child-abuse images. From the news reports, we don't really know why he did so. We do know that when he was interviewed by prosecutors, he

Videochat at home

February 1, 2008

This could be unnerving for parents of teens – finding their kids' friends "hanging out" in the house virtually, via Webcam – but it looks as if
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