App reviewer’s top Android picks for kids in the UK has a blog devoted just to apps – a big job (with more than a million apps at Google Play’s app store, passing up Apple’s 900,000+ this past summer). And the blog’s writer and app reviewer, Stuart Dredge, writes that he’s noticed a shift in device and app use among families with kids. More and more parents are downloading children’s Android apps for both smartphones and tablets, and “a growing number of parents are buying a separate tablet for their kids –and often that’s a more-affordable Android device.” So for these families, he’s thoughtfully pulled together his 2013 top 50 Android apps for kids, based on what’s in the Google Play store. You’ll find the 50 divided into six categories: Education (math, alphabet, shapes, colors, etc.), Storytelling, Creative (coloring & drawing, story development, music theory, hair styling, etc.), Games, Playful (talking and playing with characters on the screen, world travel play, rhyming, puzzles, etc.), Utilities/Media (from a fun alarm clock to kid-friendly Minecraft videos to a “keyboard replacement app” – hmm).

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