All things video: Key feature of online life

By Anne Collier

Video-making, -sharing, and -viewing are huge and growing online and on-phone activities, so much so that they’re now just part of our media landscape. ComScore just released its mind-boggling July figures, with the Top 5 video-viewing and -sharing destinations being Google sites (YouTube, basically) at 143.2 million viewers last month); Yahoo! sites at 55.4 million; Facebook at 46.6 million; Microsoft sites at 45.6 million; and (music video site) at 43.9 million viewers. Pew/Internet recently provided a little perspective, reporting that 69% of US Internet users have watched or downloaded video online. “That represents 52% of all adults in the United States.” As for making video, that too “has become a notable feature of online life. One in seven adult Internet users (14%) have uploaded a video to the Internet, almost double the 8% who were uploading video in 2007. Home video is far and away the most popular content posted online, shared by 62% of video uploaders. And uploaders are just as likely to share video on social networking sites like Facebook (52% do this) as they are on more specialized video-sharing sites like YouTube (49% do this),” Pew reports. Speaking of Facebook, it now has its own video channel, CNET reports. It’s like a video version of the official FB blog, or vlog, so “basically a PR channel for the company.”

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