Activist Angry Birds kindness alert!

By Anne Collier

Angry Birds are actually very good birds – with MTV’s help, they’re channeling their “anger” to fight digital harassment. MTV has teamed up with Angry Birds’ parent Rovio in a campaign designed to “help young people decide what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to text, email, and online interaction – flirting, spying, and spreading rumors or embarrassing stories,” according to Yahoo News. People in North America “who use the Draw Your Line app to post any action that they’ve taken to help quash digital drama will be rewarded with instructions on how to unlock a secret Golden Egg level hidden within” the Angry Birds Space game that will launch March 22. Here’s NASA’s announcement from space (not just Angry Birds’ space), a ZDNET blog post about the campaign, and Rovio’s own blog post about the partnership and campaign.

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