Fact Sheet

ConnectSafely.org is the leading interactive resource on the Web for parents, teens, educators – everyone engaged and interested in youth safety – on the fixed and mobile social Web.

Founded in 2006 by Internet safety pioneers Anne Collier of NetFamilyNews.org and Larry Magid of SafeKids.com and technology analyst for CNET/CBS News, ConnectSafely is a project of Tech Parenting Group, a nonprofit organization based in San Jose, Calif.

ConnectSafely serves as a public platform to give parents, teens and all stakeholders a voice in the public discussion about social Web safety and youth in the following ways:

Empowers parents with information about the realities of Internet, mobile and gaming safety versus myths and scare tactics
Educates parents and kids on real-life approaches and practices for safe, healthy social lives online
Provides policymakers with solid information and analysis to help them make more effective decisions
* Encourages the Internet industry to build features into their products and services that support civil behavior, critical thinking, and digital citizenship, which increase user safety

ConnectSafely provides a central space for learning about the social Web with features that include:

* Latest News that impacts Internet, videogame and mobile users
* Safety Tips & Advice on responsible Internet use, cyberbullying, social networking, blogging, gaming and media-sharing
* Forum where parents and kids can interact with others to discuss Internet and mobile safety questions and concerns
Links to Connect Safely’s sister-sites (www.SafeKids.com and www.NetFamilyNews.org) and other leading resources that work to keep kids safe
* Press room includes the latest news on ConnectSafely and its reach both nationally and in local communities
* Guest Commentaries from the world’s most-recognized safety advocates, such as:

–Ernie Allen: President & CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
–Stephen Balkam: CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute
–Nancy Willard: Executive Director of the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
–John Carr: Internet Safety Adviser to the British government
–Adam Thierer: Director of The Progress and Freedom Foundation
–Donna Rice Hughes: Chairman and President of Enough Is Enough