Mandeep Dhillon

mandeepMandeep Dhillon is a youth technology advocate, passionate about unlocking the power of emerging technology to benefit the lives of young people and their families.

My newest venture is 1sb or 1StudentBody and our vision is to Connect the World’s Students. Think Nextdoor for High School. We are leveraging the rapid growth of smartphones to re-imagine how high school students interact. 1sb is building a series of applications to improve student life, including NoteSnap and Fess, providing sharing, privacy and expression, while maintaining a community feel similar to what students enjoy among classmates and friends. 1sb is building an authentic student-only mobile network for high school students in the US, and ultimately for all students globally.

I developed unique insight into online privacy/safety,children’s technology and the emerging modern web through founding Togetherville, navigating Facebook and COPPA and selling the company to Disney.

I previously gained extensive experience in business strategy development, project management and corporate transactional law through work with a major global law firm (Latham, UVA JD) and consulting firm (McKinsey, Darden MBA).

Bridging from founding a social media startup to running an acquired business in one of the world’s largest companies has provided me a broad range of perspectives on the modern consumer web and kids’ technology. I channel these experiences into businesses that will impact society through young people and families

Specialties: Mobile, Internet, consumer product development, marketing strategy, general management, organizational leadership, strategy development, organizational design, product strategy, product design, social networking, Web 2.0, online community, corporate transactional law, corporate governance, cleantech, online privacy, COPPA