Your kids too can ‘’ now

Microsoft’s – with “facets of social networking, search, and media sharing [and] a user interface resembling Google+” but that “also takes ideas from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest” – has just opened its doors to everyone, VentureBeat reports. It adds that users can follow fellow users as well as “interests like food, art, or movies.” That latter piece is how it takes cues from Pinterest: It’s ” more like an image board where you post and share web-based content based on general interest categories such as cars, movies, and sports – all of which is filtered through a built-in Bing search tool,” PC World says, providing a bit of a tour of I first blogged about (with more context) last December, when it was only available to students at the University of Washington, Syracuse University, and New York University, but it still “doesn’t appear to be a product built for mass appeal,” PC World says. Here‘s’s FAQ for more details.

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