‘What’s Your Story’ video winners announced

As one of the judges for Trend Micro’s “What’s Your Story?” video contest, I was delighted that the grand prize went to a collaborative student project this year. “Choices” was a project of the Video Club at South Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, Texas. It illustrates that good experiences online and on phones “all come down to the decisions we make,” as the producers put it. They added that “we hope people will think about all the decisions they face when they use a cell phone. Sometimes a small decision can have a big impact. If you make good choices, you’ll be ok.” A number of the entries promoted and modeled caring, courageous use of digital media and technology. The South Grand Prairie Video Club won a $10,000 prize. The seven category winners’ videos, both schools’ and individuals’, each of which won a $1,000 prize, can be viewed here. The contest’s judges represented a number of commercial, nonprofit and governmental organizations: our own ConnectSafely.org, the ID Theft Resource Center, Canada’s privacy commissioner, the Cyberbullying Research Center, CTIA’s Wireless Foundation, Commonsense Media, and – besides Trend Micro – Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook.

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