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Millennials’ changing social media use: Survey

It’s hard to believe the high end of the Millennials age bracket is over 30 already! The Pew Research Center’s definition says they’re all adults, putting their age range at 18-33 (check out Pew’s 6 distinguishing characteristics of this generation), while Ypulse.com has a range of 14-32, a huge spectrum, considering 14-year-olds have just started […]

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10-year-old professional DJ

Probably because I’m a baby-boomer, I will never lose my sense of wonder that this is what’s possible, now – 10-year-olds able not just to dream about the future but start making it happen while they’re dreaming. To wit: 5th-grader Niel Mac is a professional EDM disc jockey in El Paso, Texas, who just started […]

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