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Students called heroes in this 6th-grade class

If your child is seriously into videogames – and Pew Internet research has found that 97% of US 12-to-17-year-olds are – it may help to read about New York teacher Peggy Sheehy’s heroes, also known as students. The middle school humanities teachers calls them heroes because she co-created the WoW in School curriculum “A Hero’s […]

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Console gamers’ loyalties getting divided

Parents of console gamers, did you already know this? The Xbox 360 devotees at your house may be switching loyalties for the first time in a long time – to the new PlayStation 4. I knew Sony’s system was popular in other parts of the world, but Xbox ruled among a lot of young gamers […]

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Point & counterpoint on young video gamers: 2 studies

What an interesting point and counterpoint about videogames have been turned up by two just-released studies, one from Northwestern University in the US and one by University of Victoria in Canada: On the one hand: “Parents assess video games more negatively than television, computers, and mobile devices. More parents rate video games as having a […]

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