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Heard of Twitch? Amazon has!

If you have gamers at your house, you probably have heard of Twitch – especially if they like to either play, or watch other gamers play, while the play’s being streamed live on the Web and everybody tuned in is chatting about it. Some people call it YouTube for gamers. In fact, Google, YouTube’s owner, […]

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Digital summer camp Part 2: Of managing a child’s Minecraft time

“I’m sad that my son is so busy with homework and other stuff lately that he hasn’t had time to even play Minecraft! I think it’s a better use of his time than homework.” That’s a comment from a mom and educator in San Jose, Calif., posted under an article by educator Kevin Jarrett in […]

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Digital media’s power for all kinds of good: One student’s story

Rarely do we hear stories about how playing in digital environments in school – much less playing a popular videogame not originally designed for school – can be life-changing in a good way. So here’s one (names in the story have been changed to protect everybody’s privacy): For four years, starting in 2008, when he […]

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