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Enabling peer protection: Knowledge is empowerment

From infancy on up we learn what’s right and wrong, based on our families’ and, later, peers’ values. That’s important. It develops that inner guidance system – or “moral compass,” as it’s sometimes called – that makes for safer, smoother navigation through life. But that isn’t all kids need as they grow and find their […]

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‘Noodz,’ ‘selfies,’ ‘sexts,’ etc., Part 3: Bias in the news coverage

Sexting is the latest subject of “intersecting panics about technology, youth, sexuality, raunch culture and celebrity,” Australian author and research Nina Funnell wrote me after I heard her speak in Sydney in March. “While these panics all pre-existed the phenomenon of sexting, they have found new life and form” with it. Along with her qualitative […]

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‘Noodz,’ ‘selfies,’ ‘sexts,’ etc., Part 2: For better youth education

Social norms – the expectations and cues that govern behavior in a group or a society – are protective. There hasn’t been much reference to them in the Internet safety field, but they’re a pillar of individual and collective wellbeing wherever there is community. You may’ve noticed that, at the end of Part 1 of […]

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‘Noodz,’ ‘selfies,’ ‘sexts,’ etc., Part 1: A spectrum of motivations

Despite what we see in news headlines, there is no single term that people who share nude photos use, according to Australian researcher and author Nina Funnell, who has interviewed some 4 dozen 16-to-25-year-olds about it. Especially not “sexting,” she said in a talk I got to hear in Sydney this spring (their fall). Using […]

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