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Students developing apps (and businesses) on the side

There’s the app for cats. Yes, true – not feline iPhone users, but cats who play (i.e., all cats). The Guardian’s feature on young app creators leads with Oxford physics student Owen Beckett’s Cat Snaps, “a laser chasing game for cats [that] includes a function that takes a photo of your cat when it ‘wins’ […]

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Stickers, emoji & other social-media conversation add-ons

You may’ve noticed this too: Online and on-phone conversations have gotten very mixed-media – very artful, in a sense. Have you noticed that our children are among the most creative mixed-media conversationalists now? It’s delightful to see the fun they have with this. Take stickers, for example. Because they’re now part of Version 3 of […]

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Australian teen panelists on social media: Meaty insights

My visit to Australia for the World Congress on Family Law & Children’s Rights has been rich in hospitality and insight – I’ve had the privilege of talking with people in government, online-safety advocacy, industry, school (students!), primary and secondary education, research, of course many parents and grandparents, and even “Australia’s Dr. Phil,” as Michael […]

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