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New MixBit app for video-sharing & remixing

The mobile video-sharing field just got a little more crowded. Of course there’s Vine and Instagram’s new video feature and Rounds more for video chat. But now there’s MixBit from the creators of YouTube. It’s “all about mixing and editing video,” the New York Times reports. The app and the site (MixBit.com) are “aimed at […]

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Pinterest for consuming, curating, producing

I love seeing the clear distinction being made by this teacher between consuming vs. producing social media – and the learning value being placed on the producing. Seems obvious, I know, but I still see peers – including media researchers – referring to today’s media as merely consumed. “As I looked into using Pinterest as […]

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Undercover mom on Instagram

One of her aliases is CupcakePuppy44. That’s parent, author, and former teacher Sharon Duke Estroff’s Instagram handle. She created a join account with her 10-year-old after some stonewalling and some external investigation (with kids, fellow parents, and psychologists), not to mention a certain amount of hounding by her daughter, who – not unlike other 4th- […]

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