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Flawed early laws of our new media environment

Before any more laws aimed at protecting young people’s online privacy get passed, I wish lawmakers could spend more time with kids using social media – kids of both sexes and various ages, at least their own children or grandchildren – and less time reacting to constituents’ concerns and news reports about kids in social […]

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Mistakes, aggregated extortion and second chances

This is the chilling side of the digital footprint (something that everybody has) – chilling because the takeaway seems to be that nobody can make a mistake anymore. Web sites with names like BustedMugshots and JustMugshots claim they’re doing society a favor by publishing photos that document arrests (not convictions) en masse. And when prospective […]

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The global free speech experiment for participants of all ages

We don’t hear about it much, but an important, historically unprecedented experiment is being conducted in Internet-connected schools, libraries, homes and workplaces in every country under every sort of government on the planet. It’s about how to protect people and their right of free expression – e.g., children and other protected classes – at the […]

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