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How to grow resilience, Part 2

This is the second of two posts about the internal online (and offline) safeguard resilience. Here’s Part 1. Another perspective on resilience: this in a TED Talk in Edinburgh in 2012 in which game designer and author Jane McGonigal shares some simple ways people of all ages can build resilience – the four kinds (physical, […]

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Why not a gazillion ‘likes’?: Getting wise to gamification in social media (& life)

Likes in Facebook and Instagram, +1′s in Google+, (potentially) “HISCORE(s)” in Snapchat are fun to get (though there isn’t much evidence having a HISCORE is a big deal for Snapchat users yet). They’re a great example of gamification, a word that’s increasingly heard in pop culture as much as education. There’s nothing wrong with liking […]

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