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Keek’s fast-growing ‘kred’ (with video-sharers)

You may not have heard of Keek the social app because Mashable says it has “maintained an under-the-radar presence” since it launched in 2011 but is “steadily gaining both users and notoriety in the shadow of networks such as Vine, Instagram and Snapchat.” What’s most different about it is that videos can be as long […]

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Mobile learning & edugames taking off worldwide

Whether it’s the chicken or the egg – the device or the edugames – fueling the growth isn’t completely clear, but “tablets are proliferating everywhere across the planet,” said Sam Adkins, head of research for market research firm Ambient Insight, at the Serious Play Conference in Redmond, Wash., last week. He was referring to mobile […]

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Researchers at Black Hat show how to hack an iPhone with rogue charger

Have you ever been tempted to use a public charging station for your phone? Chances are it’s OK, but three Georgia Tech security researchers at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas showed how easy it is for a rogue “charger” to transfer malware to an iPhone or other iOS device. The “Mactans charger” is […]

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