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The anonymity factor

A sidebar to the first and second parts to what has turned out to be a series on digital bullying & self-harm: Although anonymity has long been a source of safety, especially in political and human rights situations, it has been cited largely as a source of danger where teens and social media are concerned. Ask.fm, […]

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Reflexive responses to digital bullying & self-harm not helpful

Readers, as new information has emerged in the UK’s recent teen suicide case, I felt it might be useful to you if I pull together several years’ worth of insights, wisdom and context on “digital self-harm.” So here’s Part 2 (Part 1 is here)…. If what Ask.fm executives reportedly said about the hate messages on […]

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UK’s teen suicide tragedy: Problems, solutions

The UK has seen too much social cruelty this past week, and now tragedy as well, with the suicide of 14-year-old Hannah Smith. Though there has been plenty of news coverage and analysis already – linking Hannah’s suicide to cruel comments in social site Ask.fm – a formal inquiry into what happened has only just […]

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