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Teens on social media’s impact on relationships: Survey

Today a guest post that shows how much we need to understand the relationship between social media and social life – in other words, get more granular in our understanding of how social media affect the relationships in our lives (our lives as a whole, not just the online parts)…. Guest post by Kris Gowen […]

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Balancing external with internal Internet safety ‘tools’

As we welcome in a new year, some thoughts on the promise and protective properties of compassion and resilience for our children (and all of us)… In the US and probably many other countries, the Internet safety discussion has focused largely on external safeguards: filtering, monitoring and other parental control tools, household and school rules, […]

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How social media helped save a life this week

Rarely do we see news stories about how social media can save lives, but that’s literally what happened in the metropolitan New York area this week. An 18-year-old posted in Facebook that he was thinking about jumping off the George Washington Bridge, and “a concerned Facebook user who saw the post contacted local New Jersey […]

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Teens on what’s trending in teens’ digital media

Here’s some data and some anecdotal evidence. First the data: A recent survey of teens found that “the world’s largest social network has been replaced by Twitter as US teenagers’ favorite social platform,” Internet research firm Statista.com reported, citing research by investment bank Piper Jaffray. When asked what their favorite social media service was, 26% […]

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To grasp social media’s effects, we need a grasp on social media!

Because more than two-thirds (67%) of the US’s adult Net users now use Facebook,* you’d think that it’s common knowledge that Facebook really can’t be described as a single activity for one person, much less a single activity for everybody who uses it. You’d think that we’d take headlines that make generalizations about people’s Facebook […]

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Will Maryland AG’s project with Facebook teach him about social media?

Schools and parents may be interested to hear about a pilot program Facebook has put in place with Maryland’s Attorney General Douglas Gansler, because – if successful – it may roll out nationwide. The “Educator Escalation Channel” offers school staff dealing with cyberbullying (one point person per school system) a “direct channel” to Facebook staff […]

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Survey finds teens know and care about online privacy

  Survey finds that teens are pretty self-reliant when it comes to only privacy controls but — when they seek help — they often go to peers and parents   Contrary to popular mythology, a survey from the Pew Research Center and Harvard’s Berkman Center found that “American teenagers ages 12 to 17 care about […]

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Two factor authentication is a trade-off between security and convenience

  There is often a trade-off between security and convenience. For example, many houses have two locks — a regular door lock and a bolt lock. If you use both of them you have a bit of extra security but it will take you slightly longer to enter your house. The same is true with […]

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Social media more like medieval than mass media: Example

In a way, social media’s circling us back to medieval times, when media “products” were never really finished – they were crowd-sourced, adaptive, and usually shared by their developers (minstrels and storytellers) in public spaces, from castles to villages. The makeup and mood of the crowd had a lot of impact on the content of […]

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The global free speech experiment for participants of all ages

We don’t hear about it much, but an important, historically unprecedented experiment is being conducted in Internet-connected schools, libraries, homes and workplaces in every country under every sort of government on the planet. It’s about how to protect people and their right of free expression – e.g., children and other protected classes – at the […]

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