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Snapchat’s SnapKidz: All snap, no chat

It’s an interesting experiment: The creators of Snapchat, the social app for sharing photos that disappear in seconds, have just introduced SnapKidz, a non-social photo app for kids under 13 with Apple mobile devices (it’s not yet available for Android). So, true to its name, it’s basically the snap without the chat. It’s also the […]

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ConnectSafely Releases Parents’ Guides to Instagram and Snapchat

Guides demystify popular photo-sharing apps and walk kids and parents through safety and privacy features Palo Alto, CA, May 21, 2013 – ConnectSafely.org, a leading Internet safety nonprofit, today announced the publication of two new and timely parents’ guides to Instagram and Snapchat, answering the Top 5 questions parents have about these photo-sharing apps so popular […]

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Kids, Instagram & its new feature ‘Photos of You’

Instagram is nothing if not creative – the app itself and its users. When I’m in it watching how the kids who encouraged me to follow them use it, I can’t help but smile. They are creative in/with all parts of the experience – the photos, the filters for messing around with photography, the emoticons, […]

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Stickers, emoji & other social-media conversation add-ons

You may’ve noticed this too: Online and on-phone conversations have gotten very mixed-media – very artful, in a sense. Have you noticed that our children are among the most creative mixed-media conversationalists now? It’s delightful to see the fun they have with this. Take stickers, for example. Because they’re now part of Version 3 of […]

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App ambition: Fun media-sharing for small social circles, planet-wide

Path, the mixed-media app for more intimate phone-based social networking, really illustrates how very borderless but cultural social media is. Growing by about 1 million users a month and now one of the Top 20 apps for Android phones, according to the Wall Street Journal, this app that limits your social network to 150 friends […]

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‘Less is more’ for mobile teens

Wired speculates that, because some Asian texting apps – such as LINE, WeChat, Gangnam Style and Kakaotalk – have “slick user interfaces that focus on simplicity and visually pleasing graphics,” these fast-growing apps will soon cross the Pacific, and at least one of them will take off in the US too. “Today, less is more.” […]

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Facebook’s ‘Home’: New layer in the mobile layercake

Although as of this writing, a search of Google News turned up nearly 2,000 news stories about it, the new uber app for Android phones that Facebook unveiled today isn’t really big news for families. I know I just wrote about the teen mobile trend, but I sincerely doubt teens will want their use of […]

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Australian teen panelists on social media: Meaty insights

My visit to Australia for the World Congress on Family Law & Children’s Rights has been rich in hospitality and insight – I’ve had the privilege of talking with people in government, online-safety advocacy, industry, school (students!), primary and secondary education, research, of course many parents and grandparents, and even “Australia’s Dr. Phil,” as Michael […]

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