‘Puleeeze can I use your phone, Mom?’

By Anne Collier

Do you have one or more kids who will give you no peace till you let them play games on your smartphone while you’re driving or otherwise occupied (but worry that they’ll mess up your home screen or get into your email)? Well, a simple path to peace may be a simple little app – unfortunately just for Android phones right now – called Play Safe, TechCrunch reports. The free app can be downloaded at Google play (which replaced Android Market because now one-stop-shopping for music, movies, and books as well as apps, according to the Boston Globe). With Play Safe, a parent can just choose which apps a kid can use, then lock the rest of the phone away. To get back to your own home screen, for now, you just hold down the Play Safe logo for 5 seconds. In a week or so, users will be able to type a password in, Play Safe’s creators told Tech Crunch. That’ll spell better security if you have older kids, but the app does have a very little-kid look to it. For when more kids have smartphones themselves, Play Safe’s developers are putting finishing touches on KytePhone – software that turns a smartphone into a little-kid-friendly smartphone.

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