MySpace’s redesign

It's a lot more than a facelift, USATODAY reports – more like a major overhaul. The US's biggest social network site this week unveils "a spanking-new interface, heightened security, availability on mobile and instant-messaging services – and the ability to create categories of friends at work, school and family, among dozens of other new features," according to USATODAY. Calling it a "global redesign," Reuters says "MySpace will change its home page, navigation, profile editing, search, and MySpaceTV player facilities," with more changes coming later in the summer. The aim is simplicity, so this development probably doesn't change much for parents. Teens already figured out MySpace long ago; this is for the holdouts – probably, too, for people who preferred Facebook's more utilitarian look and feel (though the irony is that's changing a little with all the mini applications Facebook people are adding to their profiles). Here's Business Week on what it describes as MySpace's ultimate plan: "to be a gateway to the Internet—and go head-to-head with Yahoo and Google."

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