Kids’ top toy for 2010: iPad?!

Apple may not have thought of it that way, but Children’s Technology Review editor (and former teacher) Warren Buckleitner thinks the iPad just may be Toy of the Year, he writes in Gadgetwise at the New York Times. Some of the reasons: Lots of available games and other software already; no controller or mouse (“the screen *is* the controller and it sits in their lap, which works for children (and their grandparents, too, by the way”); that big high-res screen and gorgeous color palette that brings imagery to life; road-trip activity center; and Warren adds “a fair price,” but I think parents will be waiting for that $499 starting price to come down – which is not to say there won’t be plenty of parent-hounding while they do that waiting. But before anybody succumbs, give it some thought. The iPad also makes the Web very attractive and portable. Basically, it’s a very big iPod Touch, which led to lots of family discussions after the recent holidays, when parents realized all of the Web was now in their kids’ pockets wherever they went, and they hadn’t thought about parental controls before giftwrapping. The iPhone and iTouch’s App Store – including all the games and some parental-control apps – will be available for the iPad too. Check out the possibilities before giving 2010’s “Toy of the Year” to your child (because the iPad will function very similarly, see “How To Setup Parental Controls on iPhone & iPod Touch.”

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