Int’l social-networking numbers

More than half (56%) of Europe's online population is social networking, and 78% of Britain's is, TechnologyNewsDaily reports, citing comScore figures. So Europe has 127.3 million social networkers and the UK 24.9 million. In addition to higher uptake, Britain's usage was heavier "in terms of hours spent, pages viewed, and the number of visits per month. The average visitor to social networking sites in the U.K. spent 5.8 hours per month on those sites in August and made 23.3 visits. This was a significantly heavier usage level than in France, which averaged 2 hours per month and 16.8 visits per visitor, or Germany, with 3.1 hours per month and 13.8 visits per visitor." Then again, compare Briton's 5.8 hours to Brazilians' 11.7 hours and Canadians' 6.5 hours, as reported by The Telegraph. It adds that the UK's top three sites are Bebo, MySpace, and Facebook, in that order.

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