IGF 2014 workshop report: No. 1 Protecting Child Safety AND Child Rights

No. 1 Protecting Child Safety AND Child RightsReported and moderated by

Larry Magid


Conclusions drawn from the workshop and possible follow up actions.There were no follow up actions other than to encourage people to continue the discussion.

I think there was a general consensus that it is possible to protect both children’s safety and their rights, though sometimes the two can be at odds with each other. Still, by providing education and adhering to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, stakeholders can increase both the safety of youth and their rights of free expression, participation and privacy.


Estimation of the overall number of participants present at the workshopI’m estimating about 140 people attended. The room was full.
Estimation of the overall number of women present at the workshopI didn’t count by gender but I would imagine there were at least 75 women present.


Extent to that the workshop discuss gender equality and/or women’s empowermentThis was about youth empowerment, which included both males and females.
A brief summary of the discussions in case that the workshop addressed issues related to gender equality and/or women’s empowermentThere was not a specific discussion about gender equality or women’s empowerment. The workshop panelists consisted of 3 males and 3 females and the entire topic was respectful of both male and female rights.
Reported by Larry Magid
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Primary Contact Information Larry MagidCo-director