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int_000008037915Small-200x300What you’ll find here is news, perspective and advice on safe, successful use of social media and technology for parents, kids & teens, educators and policymakers worldwide. ConnectSafely is a place for information and community that welcomes all participants in today’s very user-driven, networked world. We’re also advocates for youth rights and free speech in participatory media. For our thinking about all this, click here. Check out our new social media guides for parents and join us in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2014!

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  • Social media and students: Engage, empower, explore By Kerry Gallagher It is no longer uncommon or special for school administrators and teachers to use social media to share the great things their students are doing in classrooms, on sports fields, on stage, or out in the community. They ...
  • The Senior’s Guide to Online Safety The Internet and mobile technologies are incredibly useful for seniors, but like all powerful tools, they come with some manageable risks.

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Bullying is a group activity, so let’s come together and stop bullying. A finalist in the 2013 Net Literacy safety video program.

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