Holiday-shopping & another kind of sampler

A little info from the material side of this season…. USATODAY’s gift guide pulls together a collection of articles about everything from what gadgets you don’t want to bother with to Top 10 videogame picks for kids to apps to give or help yourself shop more efficiently. There are plenty of reviews of tempting digital devices. And speaking of those, the iPhone was the most-searched term at Yahoo this past year (over celebrities or events or anything else), so watch out – it may appear on holiday wish lists at your house. This was “the first time a product landed in the top spot since KaZaA in 2003,” USATODAY reports (the BP oil spill in the Gulf was No. 1 last year). As for media – books, games, DVDs, apps, etc. – check out Common Sense Media’s gift guide. If your family’s into Kinect-ing, USATODAY features “4 great Kinect games for the holidays.” Bing turns up 133,000 and Google 55.3 million search results for “holiday shopping 2011.” Probably better to search for specific products!

As for the other side, think I need to write more on the heartful and mindful part of family technology, but it’s a vital part of Net Family News. So here’s a different kind of sampler: the second graph of this post, linking to Jeffrey Rosen’s call to “explore new ways of living in a world that is slow to forgive”; “Mindfulness for safety and success online”; “For our kids’ sake, more than accountability online, pls”; “Survival of the most cooperative?”; “We need to work out the social norms of social media: Why?”; “5th graders teaching us about … digital citizenship”; and “Social-media-powered neighbors in New York & Nairobi.” Put links to your posts and favorite articles along these lines in our forum!

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