Chat Room Safety Tips

Chat rooms, where many people gather for live interaction, are among the riskiest places on the Net – where kids are most likely to “talk” with strangers about sex. Here are some tips for teens who do use chat rooms.

Remember that what you say in a chat room or instant messaging session is live – you can’t take it back or delete it later.

Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want the public to know – this includes your full name, your address, phone number or other personal information.

Don’t get together with someone you meet in a chat room. If you must, meet in a public place and bring along some friends.

Don’t reveal your actual location or when and where you plan to hang out.

Choose a nickname that’s not sexually suggestive and doesn’t give away your real name.

If someone says or does something creepy, block them and don’t respond

Just sign out if the topic turns to sex. That can often lead somewhere you don’t want to go.


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