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Family Contract for Smartphone Use

Pledge for kids and teens I will not touch or look at my phone when it’s dangerous to do so such as driving, riding a bike or walking. I will be considerate of others and not use my phone to text or talk when it may disturb others or at inappropriate times or places such […]

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Recent hack discovery underscores need for better security and stronger passwords

A recent report from Trustwave  found that about two million accounts from popular services including Facebook, Google, Yahoo Twitter, LinkedIn  have been comprised.  The security researchers found that a keylogger tool associated with the Pony botnet enabled thieves to harvest the user names and passwords. The trove, according to Trustwave, consisted of 1,580,000 website login credentials, 320,000 email account credentials, 41,000 FTP account […]

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Cybersecurity is everyone’s business

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month Listen to Larry Magid’s 1-minute CBS News/CNET Tech Talk on Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Michael Kaiser I wish it were possible to simply delegate cybersecurity to the “big guys.”  Why not just let the government and big companies handle it? If only it were that easy.  While it […]

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Cybersecurity where kids are concerned

Today (October 1) marks the start of the US’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It’s an increasingly important kind of awareness for everybody to have, because, in this very social media environment, security – of our data, identity and property – is just as “crowd-sourced” as media is now. And we all know that kids are […]

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Cyber Security Awareness Month’s Michael Kaiser: ‘We’re all connected’ (podcast)

(This post first appeared on CNET October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month — a time when the tech industry, government, businesses, and consumers focus on staying safe online. I admit that there are lots of of days, weeks, and months on the calendar to recognize just about anything laudable, but October is as […]

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Guarding against hacker attacks

This post is adapted from one that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News The recent hacker attacks against The New York Times and Twitter are a reminder that the Internet has become a battleground for global conflict with businesses and consumers as collateral damage. It doesn’t matter whether the “Syrian Electronic Army,” which took credit for the […]

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Two factor authentication is a trade-off between security and convenience

  There is often a trade-off between security and convenience. For example, many houses have two locks — a regular door lock and a bolt lock. If you use both of them you have a bit of extra security but it will take you slightly longer to enter your house. The same is true with […]

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Popular 20 year-old Internet “child safety” booklet completely revised

  I’m excited to announce the 20th anniversary edition of Child Safety on the Information Highway.  I know, the title is really dated but the content is all new. When I wrote the booklet, people really did use the term “information highway.” Written in 1993, the booklet was published in early 1994 by National Center […]

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