Safety Tips

Tips for Dealing with Teen Sexting

July 12, 2015

“Sexting” usually refers to the sharing of nude or semi-nude and sexually provocative photos via mobile phones, but it can happen on other devices and the Web too. First

Tips for Safe and Civil Use of Anonymous Apps

December 18, 2014

A growing number of apps allow people to post anonymously. There are some very positive aspects to anonymous apps, including the ability to reach out for help and post with

Tips for Smart Cellphone Use

July 9, 2014

Cellphones are increasingly full-blown handheld computers, and everything that can be done on the Web via computer – photo-sharing, Web browsing, game playing,

Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying

December 6, 2013

Guidance for parents and young people on cyberbullying, including advice for ending (or preventing) the cycle of aggression. For a more comprehensive look, see A

Cyberbullying Statistics

November 26, 2013

The numbers vary a lot. Here are a few credible stats from academic research: The Centers for Disease Control released a study in June 2014 showing that 14.8% of students

Safety Tips for GPS Location-Sharing

April 7, 2013

Most “smart phones” and even some regular cellphones allow you to run location-sharing software that uses the phone’s GPS capability to let friends and family

FAQ on ‘Sexting’ and ‘Sextortion’

February 1, 2013

Information on what these terms mean, tips for where to turn, and links to the best resources for further information What is “sexting”? “Sexting” is

Online Safety FAQ

December 15, 2011

Updated August, 2014 Is my child at risk from online predators? Although it can happen, the risk of a child or teen being harmed by someone they met on the Internet is very
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