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For families: Connecting mindfully vs ‘digital detox’

It takes a lot more than “digital sabbaths” to become grounded, but it sounds like the creators of Camp Grounded in northern California get that. I think. As described by writer Matt Haber in the New York Times, the three days were as gluten-free as they were tech-free and packed with activities aimed at human […]

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Instagram Video: What parents need to know + illustrated guide

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app used by more than 130 million people now lets you shoot and share video. On June 20th, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, demonstrated the new features at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, saying that the Instagram video offers “everything we know and love about Instagram, but it moves.” That pretty […]

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Undercover mom on Instagram

One of her aliases is CupcakePuppy44. That’s parent, author, and former teacher Sharon Duke Estroff’s Instagram handle. She created a join account with her 10-year-old after some stonewalling and some external investigation (with kids, fellow parents, and psychologists), not to mention a certain amount of hounding by her daughter, who – not unlike other 4th- […]

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Slideshow:Tips on strong, secure passwords

There are a lot of good reasons to have strong and secure passwords. Not only does it protect you, but it protects the rest of us as well. Enabling intruders to break into your accounts puts undo stress on networks that affect everyone. It doesn’t have to be difficult to have strong passwords that are […]

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Why not a gazillion ‘likes’?: Getting wise to gamification in social media (& life)

Likes in Facebook and Instagram, +1’s in Google+, (potentially) “HISCORE(s)” in Snapchat are fun to get (though there isn’t much evidence having a HISCORE is a big deal for Snapchat users yet). They’re a great example of gamification, a word that’s increasingly heard in pop culture as much as education. There’s nothing wrong with liking […]

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Snapchat photos can be undeleted as well as captured: When it matters

by Larry Magid I recently wrote about Snapchat, the popular photo sharing app that allows users to share photos that will self-destruct from between 1 and 10 seconds after they’re viewed.  As I said in that story, there are many reasons people use Android and Apple iOS app and that, despite worries about sexting, most kids […]

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Why I’m Not Worried That It’s Possible To Undelete Snapchat Photos

As my Forbes colleague Kashmir Hill pointed out last week, forensics examiner Richard Hickman blogged that he had successfully restored dozens of  ”deleted” Snapchat photos from Android phones. I don’t disagree with Hill’s observation that this news “may make some Snapchat users think twice before sending a photo that they think is going to quickly disappear,” but I also don’t think people should necessarily stop […]

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Summertime Means Kids Spending More Time with Tech: Advice for Parents

We’re just a few weeks away from school letting out and — for lucky families — a chance to spend a bit of time together on vacation. Summer also means lots of free time for children and teens — time that can be taken up in outdoor activities like sports or playing in the park, […]

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Consider the possibility of kids’ self-regulation of digital media

Are iPads bad for little children? I ask that metaphorically, for two reasons: because iPads represent a host of tablets and other touchscreen devices children seem to play with joyfully and intuitively, and because that attraction makes it extra hard to imagine kids could self-regulate that iPad play. And yet they do. Take Gideon, for […]

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PS4, gaming & the new privacy reality

Privacy is social now – thinking about what we share with both fellow users and providers needs to be just as reflexive as our use of technology is.

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