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Safe Use of Location-Based Services

As with any technology there can be some safety and privacy risks associated with location-based-services, but by paying attention to privacy features, they can be used safely.

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Controlling Fadebook Places

By Larry Magid This article originally appeared on CNET Facebook’s privacy settings enable users to customize who sees where you are.(Credit: Facebook) In designing its new Places geolocation service, Facebook seems to have learned from its past privacy blunders. The new service has multiple layers of privacy control, but as with other aspects of Facebook privacy, users […]

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Facebook Privacy Advice

 Article: How to control who can see you on Facebook Places   Article: Facebook Privacy, What’s Changed (Scroll down for another more advanced video: Granular Facebook Privacy Settings: Customizing Who Can See What) Facebook’s New Simplified Privacy Settings       Granular Facebook Privacy Settings: Customizing Who Can See What  

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How to configure game console parental controls

Game Console Company Resources Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Family Settings Microsoft Xbox Live Family Settings Sony PlayStation 3 Parental Controls Nintendo Wii Parental Controls Computer Parental Controls Windows 7 Parental Controls Windows Vista Parental Controls (Microsoft) Macintosh Parental Controls (Apple) iTunes Parental Controls (Apple) Other Resources A Parent’s Guide to Video Games, Parental Controls and […]

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Sexting primer for parents

By Anne Collier A lot of sexting numbers have been tossed around the airwaves after four separate national studies. I’d go with the latest (last December) from the Pew Internet & American Life Project: 4% of US 12-to-17-year-olds have sent “sexts,” 15% have received one from someone they know (see this for more). Why Pew? […]

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Students on bullying: Important insights

This large-sample national study could be very helpful to parents and educators seeking victims’ perspective.

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Internet filters have their place, but not for all kids

Filtering’s fine but not foolproof

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Foursquare & other geolocation apps: For young adults, not kids

It’s a good idea for parents to know if their kids are using location-based games or apps on their cellphones. If they are, talk with them about the privacy features and make sure they’re playing only with real-life friends.

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One family’s tech policy

A smart policy that acknowledges kids’ use of tech isn’t about technology so much as behavior and respect for self and others – something other parents can customize and build on

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You should know about this site that’s defnitely not for children but could have a certain “Truth or Dare” appeal to them.

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