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One family’s tech policy

A smart policy that acknowledges kids’ use of tech isn’t about technology so much as behavior and respect for self and others – something other parents can customize and build on

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You should know about this site that’s defnitely not for children but could have a certain “Truth or Dare” appeal to them.

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Clicks & cliques: *Meaty* advice for parents on cyberbullying

About a conversation between authors and educators Annie Fox and Rosalind Wiseman offering strategies for parents on how to help their kids deal with cyberbullies

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Social norming: Increasingly key to kids’ Net safety

Starting with the youngest virtual-world users, creating home, school, and online cultures that support good behavior and celebrate kids who engage in it helps to up the safety level.

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Dealing with cyberbullying on YouTube

Some basics for how to avoid or deal with nasty comments posted under your videos

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‘Soft power’ parenting works better

Why an authoritarian style or sudden imposition of parental controls – against sexting or any other troubling new issue – don’t work very well in parenting social Web users

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How to hide your Facebook friends list

By Larry Magid In December 2009, Facebooky announced new privacy settings that give users some additional control over what information they share, while taking away the ability to hide a few pieces of information from the general public. One particular piece of publicly available information–users’ friends lists–caused a bit of an uproar from a number […]

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‘How to bully-proof yourself on Facebook’

Facebook has some great tips for dealing with cyberbullying on its site, but don’t forget the most important prevention tip!

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Avoiding social networking scams

By Larry Magid This post originally appeared in the San Jose Mercury News More and more people are using social networking sites, including, sadly, criminals seeking to take advantage of the rest of us. Threats on those sites include applications and quizzes, as well as malware, worms and viruses. But the main risk, says Trend […]

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Perspective on media sharing, advice against over sharing

There are good reasons for all this user-produced media, but here’s advice for families and anybody concerned about it. By Anne Collier Why do people share innermost thoughts, unretouched photos, and rants and what they ate for lunch in texts, photos, and blogs? And why is this not just a narcissistic passing fad like streaking […]

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