Social networking benefits for youth

November 28, 2007

The benefits of social networking "can far outweigh the potential dangers," wrote Dr. Brendesha Tynes in the latest issue of the Journal of Adolescent Research. The

Social site choices & user ethnicity

November 28, 2007

Social media researcher danah boyd caught some flak for similar observations last July (see below), but now research at Northwestern University agrees that "college

Net-addiction rehab in Korea

November 27, 2007

It's South Korea's first "Internet addiction" rehab camp and it may be the first in the world too. The Jump Up Internet Rescue School is "part boot

US sex-offender registries: Update

November 27, 2007

If anyone wonders how law enforcement people around the US will be handling sex offender registries, see this article in Police Chief magazine. Any day now, the Justice

Web’s inventor & the social Web

November 26, 2007

ZDNET blogger Dan Farber says the social Web just "reached a new stage of legitimacy" with a recent post by Tim Berners-Lee, the Web's inventor (in 1989, BTW).

Battle against child porn far from over

November 26, 2007

Humanity still has a battle ahead in its effort to stop online child pornography, says Ernie Allen, CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in a

More than 150 friends?!

November 23, 2007

The Wall Street Journal's "numbers guy," Carl Bialik, zoomed in on that number – 150 – which many reporters have cited as the limit to the number of

Applying for college at Facebook

November 23, 2007

Yup, it's now possible. I would love to hear from you if high schoolers at your house or school are using Facebook not only to research schools but also to apply. The

UK data security breach & kids

November 21, 2007

A massive security breach involving the personal information of "virtually every child in Britain" has occurred in the United Kingdom, The Guardian reports. It

Librarians: Parents’ best friends

November 20, 2007

Here's a thought to bookmark, parents of teens: If you have questions about how social networking works or a particular site, a really good person to ask is your local
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