ClubPenguin members can give to charity

December 5, 2007

Parents of penguins probably already know that gold coins are earned by playing games in the site. With them, penguins can now not only feed and care for their puffles, and

Student ‘tech sherpas’

December 4, 2007

Senior Jayson in a Freeport, Me., school district "says he wants teachers to see that technology isn't as hard as they might think." He's a "tech

Teen ‘cybercrime kingpin’ arrested

December 3, 2007

The 18-year-old New Zealander's screenname is "AKILL," and he is the alleged head "of an international cyber crime network accused of infiltrating 1.3

Toddler tech, er, ‘toys’

December 3, 2007

The toy business is getting out of toys, the New York Times reports. Toy manufacturers and retailers think toddlers want tech devices, not toys, because they want to emulate

Facebook changes ad system

November 30, 2007

Amid growing flak that its new advertising system reduces users' privacy, Facebook made some changes this week. Now users can "opt in" to having their online

Uninformed game givers

November 30, 2007

Sixty percent of kids 8-17 expect to 1) get a game they didn't want or a game for a console they don't have, or 2) not get any or all of the games they asked for,

Real music, fake guitars

November 30, 2007

The two hottest videogame (console, not computer) titles of the season, according to the San Francisco Chronicle – Rock Band and Guitar Hero III – are also among

Socializing + gaming: Trend

November 30, 2007

For once, 30- and 40-somethings may be leading a trend: the blending of social networking and online games. Some analysts call MySpace and Facebook "massively

PCs for the world’s children

November 29, 2007

I've pointed before to stories on the "Give 1, Get 1" program for Americans to help get laptops to kids in third-world countries, but this one in the Washington

Parental controls improving

November 29, 2007

We – parents – are the winners in the "showdown of new parental controls in Apple's Leopard versus Microsoft's year-old Vista," CNET's
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